Discover global metropolises with the iPhone and Android apps of Time out.


Since autumn 2012 InTradeSys supports the British publishing house Time out to port its wide range of print- and webbased city guides to mobile devices. International offers range from London via New York and Moscow to Mumbai and Beijing.
The geo location of the user is identified via GPS, points of interest in the surrounding area can be filtered by different topics. The central data base offers a search as well for art and culture venues as for restaurants, clubs or cinemas, of course including opening and event times. In London alone it offers approx. 5.000 restaurants, 1.600 cultural centres and venues, 1.300 Bars and 1.300 cinemas. 
The apps are provided in English or in national languages, e.g. with Cyrillic characters for Moscow or in Catalan for Barcelona.


The app development in done in Objective-C for iPhone and in Java for Android. Both platforms are operated on a central version management that supports automated source extensions after the source code has been commited. An API connects both applications to the central database of the customer. User acceptance testing is performed with Calabash.

Project scope

In the course of changeover from proprietary solutions to a central source base InTradeSys revisions the applications that are already developed by the customer. At the same time enhancements and new developments are carried out. iOS Apps were extended by a sponsorship package, already integrated for Barcelona and Moscow. Android user interface was adapted strong to the iOS one and extended by features such as Top Ten or a rating. Complete new apps for Barcelona, New York, Paris and London were realised. A newsletter sign up and a latest offer feature were integrated into both platforms. As a byproduct an interactive API documentation and test environment based on I/O Docs was created.


Time Out Group Limited