The Dashboard represents a widget
which offers a personalized eBay area
integrated into third party platforms
such as Yahoo, MSN, Orange or other
high traffic sites.


eBay members are able to deal on eBay within big community portals without being forced to change the platform. In addition, the integration of the dashboard into the third party provider should be uncomplicated and adapted to its CI.
The application
adapts without any difficulties into the look and feel of the third party platform. It provides various functions of the personal eBay account such as watch and buy.
It is characterised by a convenient interface which offers intuitive funtionalities   for configuration and navigation. Flexible action boxes can be opened and closed dynamically or ordered by drag and drop. On top some partners such as Orange offer a single sign-on .


A LAMP based backend transfers the data via eBay shopping API and other APIs to the javascript based front end e.g. for RSS Feeds and statical banners. The dynamical compostion of the user interface on client's side is controlled by AJAX and other web 2.0 technologies. The individual user settings are saved in the eBay data base and are delivered perfectly styled to the client via xslt.

Project Scope

InTradeSys developed the Dashboard for the French site of eBay, and accompanied the rollout in other European countries.


eBay International AG