Page Factory represents a special purpose publication platform to create campaigns, partner promotions or lasting hubs like verticals or category landing pages on eBay or third-party portals.


Based on the successful realisation of the Partner Dashboard the idea was born to offer a tool for internal marketing staff member and external partners that enables them to fast and easy create complex marketing campaigns with selected products.
In the course of time, Page Factory evolved into a flexible powerful web backend with a wide-ranging performance spectrum. PageFactory allows eBay across Europe and in the US to create pages such as temporary campaigns, partner promotions, but also lasting hubs like verticals or category landing pages that combine eBay standard elements, custom content, and live-sourced marketplace data into a single channel. It has a complex role and permission model allowing the outsourcing of work to agencies. For user tracking, banner display, item and campaign sourcing, access control and operations monitoring Page Factory interfaces with a plethora of eBay and third party systems.
The screenshots show, among other examples, the English and German Christmas Campaigns 2012, which promoted selected products coupled with TV spots. The Baby & Toddler vertical on eBay UK, which was designed and implemented by InTradeSys in the
beginning of 2013, is based on Page Factory too.


The LAMP based backend delivers the data via eBay Finding API or out of predefined xml feeds. The backend is based on different Javascript frameworks, one of it being an InTradeSys in-house development. The generation of the static HTML sites is optimized for a high performance delivery that supports two-digit million figures of daily accesses and is freely scalable. Lately, Page Factory's content generation components were enhanced to support responsive, mobile ready front end styling.

Project Scope

Page Factory is used for following regional websites: AT, AU, BE (bilingual), CH, DE, ES, FR, IE, IT, NL, UK, US.


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