Jointly towards a good solution:
To us, software development is a process,
in which we put our combined expertise, diligence, curiosity and constant strive for innovation.

To find the right solution for your requirements, we think outside the box and leave well-trodden paths, while always staying within the constraints of your economic and technical framework.

We support your development project from the initial design of your needs-oriented solution architecture to the precise implementation and ready-to-run handover in your hosting environment.

Most of our clients view performance, scalability, security and maintenance-friendly operation not just as desirable features, but as business-critical necessities. To us, these are nothing more than the logical result of a well thought out, sophisticated design and robust implementation.

We will be more than happy to support you in a variety of challenges: Are you fighting a losing battle with huge data volumes, high expectations in terms of availability, and interfaces spanning beyond technological and organisational borders?

Another opportunity for us to deliver top service.


Intelligently used, the LAMP platform can combine the flexibility of rapid prototyping with the stability of standard software used for millions of applications and the availability of a comprehensive selection of freely licensed components.
Our own frameworks and class libraries will not only save us re-inventing the wheel over and over again, but may in some cases yield an entire chassis to expand on. A perfect example here is the development of AJAX-based rich clients.

Enterprise PHP

Industrial data throughput without having to forego the frontend platform? Our own PHP application server will build the bridge between web-based PHP apps and a high-performance backend.

Content Management - Drupal

Most of our high end Content Management implementations are based on the Open Source solution Drupal. We especially appreciate Drupals' source code, professionally developed and maintained, its modular expandability and its extraordinary adequacy for high volume sites.

Java, Smartphones & more

No matter if we’re talking server components, mobile apps or rich clients: You will have the full spectrum of our knowhow at your disposal for Java projects as well.
We feel just as at home working with the iPhone or Android, as with .net and C++. 
Please visit our Case Studies page for more information on our areas of expertise. Or get in touch with us personally.


Depending on your requirements, we will turn quality assurance into an integral component of the development process. Our certified QA specialists will conduct ongoing, well-documented unit and regression testing throughout the entire lifecycle of your solution.

Agile Development

We often work with much success on the bases of agile SCRUM, which allows - particularly in large projects - for superior transparency, great controllability and tangible interim results.