Technologically adequate solutions for
your specific needs:
Based on the broad expertise of our team,
we work with our clients to analyse requirements, define the development process and select the platforms and tools.

The result will be technical architectures that comply with the highest demands in terms of maintenance friendliness, speed, integration capability and investment security.

Technology Consulting

Our solution scenarios always include the latest technical developments. We evaluate new technologies in prototypes and feasibility studies. This is how we can offer you alternative perspectives in order to fully utilise every potential.

Project Management

Our project management is based on clear and transparent client communication and optimised support for our software developers. Depending on requirement, project scope and complexity, we use traditional or agile project management methods, like SCRUM.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team conducts unit-tests and user test scenarios. In addition to manual testing methods, we also run Selenium Grid for automation. The members of our QA team take part in continual further training and are ISTQB certified. We can of course offer QA as a discrete consulting service for your own developments as well.

Performance Optimisation

In times of broadband internet and high speed work-centres, the speed of an online app is more important for the success of a project than ever before. Our many years of experience will allow us to identify the reasons for performance bottlenecks quickly. Troubleshooting will then occur based on the results of a cost-benefit analysis for targeted measure deployment. The end result will be the optimised utilisation of your existing resources.

Stress Testing

We know the problems that can arise from simultaneous access attempts of massive numbers of users to one single application. That is the reason why we utilise state-of-the-art testing processes as early as during the development phase to simulate huge numbers of horizontal users. We can therefore create a solution that is geared towards maximum utilisation right from the start. We can of course offer stress testing as a standalone consulting service for your own developments as well.

Security Testing

Our findings in the area of security testing will of course be treated with utmost confidentiality. Our Security Review can include several process steps, starting with our penetration test and a review of your source code, right up to a detailed analysis of your IT infrastructure. Parallel to the testing, we create detailed interim and final analysis documentation for your internal use.