Groupon, the global market leader for eCouponing, offers a platform for time scheduling, product and resource planning
to service partners and customers.


The Booking Tool supports different target groups through three application areas.
Buyers of coupons are able to book and manage their appointments over all service provider.
The partner backend enables the service provider to reproduce their whole business process individually including product and resource planning to incorporate voucher customers with the classical business activities. The partners define services such as events, beauty packages or gourmet menues and relate resources like staff, seats or tables to these services. By a final approval optional time slots are offered to the clients to redeem their vouchers.
The administration backend is operatd by staff members of the eCouponing portal. It is used for setup and management of partner companies and coupons.
Originally implemented as an All-in-One solution, currently the Booking Tool is separated in different lines of business: Restaurant, Hotel and various lines. The initial implementation was carried out for Groupon France where approx. 4.000 partners and 390.000 buyers use the tool.


The AJAX-based clients front-end is supported by jQuery. The jQuery grid framework in the backend areas has been adapted and extensively developed. At its core the backend is a proprietary development for administration, calculation and verification of probable time slots based on information provided by the partner. The central MySQL database is based on a dynamic, automatically extendable data model.

Project Scope

InTraSys developed the solution for the French, German, Australian and Netherlands sites of Groupon Additional international rollouts are in preparation.


Groupon France SAS, Groupon GmbH, Groupon Netherlands B.V., MyCityDeal Ltd., Groupon Australia Pty Ltd.